Public Consultations

Public Consultations

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The Fife Health & Social Care Partnership’s Strategic Plan sets out the vision and future direction of health and social care services in Fife. The Partnership is currently updating its Strategic Plan for 2022 to 2025.

The draft ’Strategic Plan 2022 to 2025 – Short Version for consultation’ can be accessed at Link

Knowing what people think about the current services and how we can improve these is really important and we want to hear from as many people across Fife. Completing this short survey will help inform if we are getting this right. It should only take 10 minutes to complete the survey – please take some time out of your day to do this (remember to read through the draft plan first) – access the survey at Link

Fife Local Development Plan 2 – Online Place Survey – Have your say on Fife’s future!

Fife Council is preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP), currently reviewing the existing LDP as
well as gathering baseline information from communities, businesses and other stakeholders to
identify their aspirations and issues that can be helped by the LDP.
The plan will replace FIFEplan approved in 2017 setting out planning policies and proposals for the
use and development of land across Fife.
As part of the LDP process Fife Council wants to engage with communities, businesses and other
stakeholders and this online survey is just one of several that will take place. We would be grateful if
you could participate as well as help us spread the word to ensure valuable outcomes from the
Have your say on Fife’s future! Residents, and anyone who works in, or visits Fife are invited to take
the online survey by visiting.
We’re seeking views on important issues like:

  • affordable homes
  • transport
  • community facilities
  • green spaces
  • play facilities
  • the local economy
  • the climate emergency
  • energy production and use

The survey will run to 19th December 2022.