Office Bearers

Cameron Community Council, 2023-Date: Members

Following the October 2023 election, the following were appointed as members of Cameron Community Council:

Ralph Sprot
Audrey Harte
Martin Baird
Carole Stewart
Kimberley Bennett
Christine Clark
Innes Wright

Local Fife Councillors for the East Neuk and Landward area are ex officio members of Cameron Community Council and regularly attend meetings.

A representative from the local Community Police Team regularly attends meetings.

Cameron Community Council, 2023-Date: Office Bearers

Cameron Community Council agreed to appoint the following office bearers:

Ralph Sprot (Chair)
Audrey Harte (Vice-Chair)
Martin Baird (Treasurer)
Carole Stewart (Secretary)

Cameron Community Council: Purpose

Community Councils are elected every four years and are made up of local people who have an interest in their community.

The primary purpose of a Community Council in Scotland is to gather the views of the local community on issues that affect the people who live there, and to present these views to the relevant local authority or public body. In this way, Community Councils help to make public bodies aware of the opinions and needs of the communities they represent.

Local authority (Fife Council) also has a duty to consult Community Councils on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting the community. Sometimes other public bodies, such as the Scottish Government, will also consult Community Councils on issues that may affect their local communities.

Community Councils can also encourage community participation and a sense of community spirit by taking action and supporting activities that bring local people together.