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Scottish Government Consultation on Short-term Lets

The consultation asks for your views on the regulation of short-term lets in Scotland. There has clearly been a significant growth in short-term lets in a small timescale and the consultation sets out the factual background, describes the issues arising, outlines local authorities’ current powers to address them and presents an overview of regulatory approaches elsewhere in the world. Your views will help the Scottish Government find the right approach for Scotland.

The consultation closes on 19th July 2019.

For more information about the consultation, please visit

You can read the consultation paper here: Link
Or download the consultation paper from here:

Scottish Government Information on Unconventional Oil and Gas Addendum Consultation

The Scottish Government continues to take a cautious, evidence-led approach to considering unconventional oil and gas. On 03 October 2017, the Scottish Government set out a preferred position that it does not support onshore unconventional oil and gas development in Scotland. The preferred policy position is subject to statutory and other assessments before the policy is adopted.

An Environmental Report for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Scottish Government’s preferred policy position was published in October 2018, alongside the updated preferred policy position and a partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA). Views were invited on the contents of these documents, and the Scottish Government’s preferred policy position, during an eight-week consultation from October to December 2018. The responses are currently being analysed; the Scottish Government is grateful to all those who took part in the consultation process.

Scottish Ministers remain committed to transparency and public engagement on this important issue. As confirmed via Parliamentary Question on 26 March, the responses received to the recent consultation have led the Scottish Government to form the view that it would be helpful to provide some further clarification on a number of points raised in response to the consultation documents, specifically regarding the preferred policy position and its objectives. The Scottish Government is also taking the opportunity to update its position on the reasonable alternatives to the preferred policy position which were considered as part of the SEA process.

Our approach to the addendum consultation is in line with the cautious, evidence-led approach we have consistently taken towards the development of an unconventional oil and gas policy for Scotland. This is an important issue with strongly-held views on all sides, and it is only right that we continue this approach as we move towards confirming and adopting a final policy.

The Scottish Government has published an addendum to the SEA Environmental Report, the preferred policy position statement and the partial BRIA, and will invite further comments on the points covered. Responses to the addendum will be considered in detail prior to any policy position being adopted.

Responses are invited via the Scottish Government’s online consultation site, Citizen Space: Alternative formats can be made available on request by emailing, or calling 0131 244 9380.

The consultation will run for eight weeks until 25 June 2019, after which the responses will be analysed. Our final policy on unconventional oil and gas will be confirmed as soon as possible after this process is complete.

Scottish Government Consultation on Draft Revised Guidance for Licensing Boards

The Scottish Government is inviting views on the ‘Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 – Section 142 Draft Revised Guidance for Licensing Boards’. The current statutory guidance has recently been reviewed.

The consultation closes 11 th June 2019.

Read the draft guidance here: scotland-act-2005-section-142-draft-revised-guidance-licensing-boards/

To share your views, contribute to the consultation here: revised-guidance-for-licensing-boards/consultation/subpage.2016-07-07.1474135251/

If you are unable to respond online you can submit your response along with a completed Respondent Information Form to: The Respondent Information Form is available here:


For more information, please visit licensing-boards/

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