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Minutes of Cameron Community Council held on 30 November 2016 at 6.30pm in Cameron Parish Hall

Present:     Gordon Ball (Chair), Carol Drysdale (Secretary), Anne Brown (Treasurer), Ian Paul, Ian Cameron, David Scott,                    Stephen Lohoar

Attending:  Cllr. Elizabeth Riches, Cllr. Donald Macgregor, Cllr. John Docherty, Jennifer Ball, Charlie Gray, Hamish Lohoar,
                   PC 886 Catherine Welch, PC 83 Jo Peddie, Ann Mungall, Jennifer Wylie, Janice Tomlinson, Martin Tomlinson




  1. Welcome

  2. Apologies

  3. Note of Minute of Previous Meeting:  for approval 
    Minute of CCC meeting  28 September 2016

  4. Matters Arising:

    Westfield of Radernie, Peat Inn (Ref. 16/03523/PPP)
    Extended deadline for CCC to comment:  02 December 2016

    Road repairs at Peat Inn

    Kenly Wind Farm Section 42 Application Appeal (Ref. PPA-250-2277)
    Deadline for CCC further comment: 01 December 2016

    Kenly Electricity Cable Appeal (Ref. PPA-250-2278)
    Deadline for CCC further comment: 29 November 2016

    Friends of Craigtoun comments re Winthank Farm Ref. 16/02736/PAN

  5. AOCB

  6. Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday 25 January 2017


  1. Welcome:  The Chair welcomed everyone to the Cameron CC meeting.

    Apologies:  Wendy Taylor (via letter)

    Note of Minute:  Prior to the approval of the minute, SL gave a quick update to Cllr JD regarding Item #1 in AOCB. The minute of the previous Cameron CC meeting on
    28 September 2016 was proposed for approval by David Scott and seconded by Ian Cameron.

    Police Scotland: PC Jo Peddie introduced new colleague PC Cath Welch who is on secondment.

    The following items were raised at the meeting:

    1. Rural Watch continues successfully.

    2. A car had been reported in the ditch at Rainbow Cottage.

    3. Action Plans: Bikes
      Emphasis on safety aspect
      If cyclists are caught without lights on bicycles, they have 7 days to get lights. However, they must report to the police station with the lights.
      A newsletter will be sent from the University Liaison Officer with information about what is an offence etc.
      Has an improvement been noticed?

    4. A Festive Campaign with shopkeepers from 1st December for 3 weeks due to the increase of shoppers

    5. Operation Night Light is aimed to raise awareness of nightfall at 4 pm.
      The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is linked into this.

    6. Further reports of a road traffic accident at the traffic lights, a damaged wall at the Old School, and the recent frosty weather resulting in several cars skidding off the road particularly at the bend of the Lumbo road

    7. Car Safety Check Points at Morrisons for car information on road readiness especially in winter

    8. Festive Drink Drive Campaign in December
    9. R.O.D. (Rule Out Dishonesty) tied in with the Rural Watch scheme. Do keep a watchful eye on kerosene tanks.

    10. Where can one find out information? The Citizen, The Fife Herald, The East Fife Mail, and social media.

    The Chair thanked PC Peddie and PC Welsh for their assistance, and both excused themselves from the rest of the meeting.

    Matters Arising:
    Comments from the previous meeting’s minutes:

    1. Road repairs at Peat Inn:
      Cllr JD highlighted the £13M Fife Roads budget which would only be £10M.

    2. Cameron Reservoir:
      Cllr JD reported waiting for a reply from Scottish Water for a proposed walkabout.

    3. Westfield of Radernie, Peat Inn Ref. 16/03523/PPP (Land to the East of Braehead Cottage):
      12 comments in objection to date for this proposed planning application.
      Cameron CC has been given an extended deadline to comment (02.12.16)
      This application does not meet the criteria for building in the countryside.
      The land is the highest elevation in the village.
      The supporting comments seem to be made by people who live nowhere near Peat Inn about buses, shops, and all amenities which we do not have.
      The building is a pile of ruins. There should not be a substantial amount of demolition or rebuilding required to build in the countryside.
      This would set a precedent for the development of the narrow strip of land facing the main road.
      There are several traffic problems.
      Peat Inn was called Westfield of Radernie in the past.

      Will Cameron CC support or object?
      The Chair commented on the planning process based on the local Plan and the location of the site. Those present at the meeting were asked to comment further and a lengthy discussion followed.

      Cameron CC carried the decision to object to the proposed application.

    Action: CD

    At this stage the Chair gave thanks to all present and some residents left the meeting.

    Road repairs at Peat Inn village (continued from the above) at the junction opposite the Peat Inn:
    Cllr JD explained further that the budget of £10M would be only for next year.
    Cllr JD reported that FC will part fund works to renew the junction but not resurface it.
    Cllr JD is waiting to hear from SW.

    Kenly Wind Farm Section 42 Application Appeal (Ref. PPA-250-2277):
    The deadline for further comment from CCC is 01.12.16.
    CCC should submit a further letter in objection with comment on the appellant’s reasons for the appeal;
    the inadequate information and why the appellant should think the public would not understand.

    Action: CD        

    Kenly Electricity Cable Appeal (Ref. PPA-250-2278):
    The deadline for further comment from CCC was 29.11.16.
    It was agreed to submit further comment in objection to the appeal after the deadline date as a result of tonight’s meeting.
    CCC should comment further in objection to the incomplete Neighbour Notification for some addresses less than 20m from the cable site.
    Question: If advertised in the newspaper is that a Neighbour Notification?
    Answer: No. Not completely, but is part of the planning process.
    CCC should object further to the Transformer being built in the Green Belt, especially with the recent news of Madras College not being built at Pipeland (also Green Belt). A discussion followed about the Education budget.
    CCC should comment further in objection to the report from the Tree Inspector and reaffirm the TPO (Tree Protection Order) with support from the site inspection by the North East Fife Cllrs confirming the exposed roots in the ditches.
    A discussion followed about the history of this avenue of beech trees from the 1850s and 1940s.

    Action: CD

    Friends of Craigtoun email regarding Winthank Farm Ref. 16/02736/PAN:
    The water supply to the ornamental lakes should be investigated.
    Other issues were raised regarding the proposed gate: access to septic tanks, and the Right of Way.
    Question: Is the main road a Right of Way?
    Answer: Yes.                            

  2. A discussion followed about the access road across the 11th fairway @Duke’s near the burn which feeds into Craigtoun Park. Look at Google Maps.


    1. Treasurer AB informs CCC about a required change to the banking details. The account is to be operated by Gordon Ball Chairman and Anne Brown Treasurer with either to sign as per the constitution.
    2. CD agreed to provide the letter headed paper, look out the Constitution, and read over the application form.

    Action: CD

    CD asked for permission to forward the minutes of the last meeting to a third party. It was agreed.

    Action: CD

    1. Update: The Lathockar Sawmill planning application for housing was refused due to it not meeting the criteria for building in the countryside according to the Local Plan. Another discussion followed about the Local Plan.
    2. IP reminded CCC about the state of disrepair of the Cameron Kirk wall. A chunk of wall has collapsed at the East end.

    Action: Cllr JD to chase up.

    Date of next CCC meeting: Wednesday 25 January 2017 at 6.30 pm

    Meeting closed: 8.25 pm with thanks from the Chair.