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Buried in a dusty workshop at Hillwood, an exquisite work of art is taking shape, guided by the skillful hands of a master sculptor - Tim Pomeroy.

Sculptor, painter, illustrator and poet, Tim Pomeroy was born in Hamilton in 1957. He trained at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen where his work is featured in their collection. He lives and works on Arran with his wife the painter Josephine Broekhuizen and their son Christian. Winner of the Benno Schotz prize in 1983, Tim has exhibited paintings and sculpture at some of the most prestigious venues in the country and his work is represented in private art collections across the world. He first published an anthology of his own poetry, "Caught in the Shrapnel" in 1982 and regularly contributes poetry and illustrations for publication.

His recent work has followed two distinct themes - natural objects including sea shells, fossils, ferns, seeds and man-made including Neolithic and Bronze-Age archeology/grave goods and a strong influence of machined and engineered objects. Both themes are ongoing and a body of work is currently in preparation for a solo show in Agnews, London who currently represent Tim's work in the capital. Projects for other publicly placed works are constantly
presenting themselves; the font, at the centre of our attentions, will feature in a major renovation of St Andrews R.C. Cathedral in Glasgow.

Tim's presence in this part of the country is due to his previous association with Ian Watson and Hillwood and the certainty that WL Watson has the experience and equipment to handle and work the massive block of Carrara marble required for this commission.


Jane Barron has generously written a superb interpretation of the font CLICK HERE




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