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Text Box:  The East Neuk Community Action Plan Toolkit will soon be available to communities across the East Neuk and Landward area. With funding from Fife LEADER and Fife Council, the ENCAP Steering Group commissioned consultancy STAR Development Group to design a programme and toolkit with the aim of developing a long term vision and community action plans for the East Neuk and Landward area. Experience of this approach in other areas of Scotland and Ireland, including Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, demonstrate the benefits for local communities including increased potential to secure resources and assets to deliver community priorities, and more people taking part in shaping the future of their community. Over the last 4 months, around 60 different community groups and support organisations have taken part in discussing and designing a toolkit that will assist communities to prepare their own 5 year Community Action Plans.

The ambition is that every community in the East Neuk and Landward area will use the toolkit to prepare their own community action plan, and will work collaboratively with other communities to develop a long term vision to guide development for future generations.
The ENCAP Steering Group is a charitable organisation set up by local volunteers including representatives from the East Neuk communities, business, estates, and third sector organisations Fife Rural Partnership and Fife Voluntary Action.  Irene Wallace, acting secretary of the ENCAP Steering Group, said, “This is a very exciting point in the development of the ENCAP Programme. We will shortly be inviting communities to apply to be on the ENCAP Programme and we will be providing training for local people and groups to use the Toolkit. We are very keen to give the ENCAP Steering Group a much needed boost “

The small group of volunteers have worked hard to get to this point, and we are now keen to recruit a part time Project Officer who would develop the programme and provide further information to communities. The Steering Group has welcomed more representatives from communities onto its Committee.  There is a lot to do in the next two years, so it is a very exciting time to get involved.

Fife Council is supporting the proposed ENCAP Programme, and has said that the Community Action Plans and the ENCAP vision would be taken account of in the preparation of the next Local Development Plan starting 2016. It would also strengthen local democracy and help communities to shape and influence service delivery.

Councillor Elizabeth Riches said, “ Communities working together for their own futures is certainly the best way to achieve results and the support that will be available using this well tested toolkit will be most helpful.”

The ENCAP Steering Group are now in the enabling phase in setting up over the next 6 months with an application for funding in order to engage the Project Officer who would develop the programme and provide further information to communities, provide a training course on the use of the Toolkit for people interested in becoming community agents and other community representatives. In addition we are arranging Community Workshops on matters such as Climate Change, local Development and Planning.

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