Cameron Community Council
Photo towards Carnoustie

Welcome to the Cameron Community Council Website.

This website is intended for to keep the Cameron community informed about the activities of the Cameron Community Council as well as providing information about local events.

Community Councils are elected every four years and are made up of local people who have an interest in their community.

The primary purpose of a Community Council in Scotland is to gather the views of the local community on issues that affect the people who live there, and to present these views to the relevant local authority or public body. In this way, Community Councils help to make public bodies aware of the opinions and needs of the communities they represent.

The local authority (Fife Council) also has a duty to consult Community Councils on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting the community. Sometimes other public bodies, such as the Scottish Government, will also consult Community Councils on issues that may affect their local communities.

Community Councils can also encourage community participation and a sense of community spirit by taking action and supporting activities that bring local people together.

If you would like to send an enquiry to Cameron Council, there is an online form on this website: Here

Community Council Meeting on 20 February 2019

Representatives of the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership will be attending the next meeting of Cameron Community Council at 6.30pm on 20 February, to discuss the Out-of-Hours provision at St Andrews Community Hospital.

Please note this meeting will be held in Largoward Village Hall.

Members of the public are welcome to attend community council meetings and may speak when invited to do so. This is a good opportunity for people in the Cameron area, and surrounding areas, to present their concerns about the service in our rural community.

Where are we?

Cameron is a rural district in east Fife, created in 1645 by separation from the larger parish of St Andrews. In area Cameron is approximately 5.5 miles by 4 miles and the economy is based largely on agriculture.

Cameron Map

Cameron District is situated on the higher ground to the South and West of St Andrews and overlooking the estuary of the River Eden, with views right across the forest at Tentsmuir to Dundee and the ramparts of the Grampians in the distance.